Strategies Everyone Should Know

A successful digital marketing strategy is very important in today’s world. Digital marketing is the surest way of staying ahead in this era of digital transformation where both competitors and potential clients are constantly online. Here is a list of the most important digital marketing strategies everyone should know and use to grow their business.

1. Setting Realistic Goals
Digital marketing can help your business grow in many ways. Whether you wish to expand your customer base, increase your online presence or get ahead of your competitors; the starting point is always setting a solid goal. A lot of precision and strategy goes into online marketing; therefore, having realistic goals helps you focus on important elements that contribute to the prosperity of your business.

2. Creating an effective Marketing Funnel
A marketing funnel maps out a customer’s journey from their first interaction with your business, so when they become a prospect, a lead and finally a customer. It puts in place strategies that encourage them to smoothly move through this funnel. Some well-known but effective elements of a funnel are things like offers, lead magnets, opt-ins and call to action. A good marketing funnel can be divided into four main parts namely: Awareness, Interest, Desire and lastly Action.

3. Developing a call-to-action (CTA)
A call to action is a text or image that prompts your visitors to act, by subscribing to a newsletter, requesting a product demo or viewing a webinar. The goal of CTA’s is directing visitors to landing pages, which makes it possible to collect their contact information. In this sense, a CTA helps you build a loyal customer base from the leads and conversions to your website. In order to convert more prospective customers into leads, you need to create various CTA’s and place them across your website.

4. Creating a Lead Magnet
An effective lead magnet can be paired along with a call-to-action or used alone to drive prospects into your marketing funnel. A lead magnet supplies potential customers with something related to your service or product. Further, use the offers to obtain more information about the prospect while driving them deeper into your funnel. This brings potential buyers closer to becoming a lead, who will end up purchasing your product or service.

5. Driving Traffic
One requisite for driving customers into a marketing funnel is increasing traffic to your business website. There are many ways to do this; some of them include:

a. Keyword Strategy – Using target keywords and phrases relevant to your website niche helps your website rank higher in the organic search engine results, which ultimately results in high volume web traffic.

b. Site Optimization – It is essential for businesses to make their websites functional and optimized. The online community will not keep visiting a slowloading, non-interactive website with poor user experience.

c. Quality Content – Creating helpful content such as articles, press releases and blog posts on authority websites creates a positive brand image. Inserting both inbound and outbound links to relevant websites will help build your brand, which in turn drives more traffic to your business website.

d. Social Media: Social networking platforms such as Facebook, Instagram and Twitter can increase traffic to your website; you only need to create engaging and informative posts that are relevant to your target demographic.
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